Epic Cards Battle v1.5 Update

v1.5 version is online~ Call for your buddies and see what’s new!



Quests System:

Play against AI decks and get rewards. To win 3 stars of the quest, players need to complete with all the objectives in the quest.



A series of tutorials to guide players step by step how to play this game. Game basics, cards property, battle rules, everything you need to start a battle.



- Added 4 new battle scenes.

- Added 2 soundtracks.

- A new leaderboard “Campaign”.

- Added “Cards Collection Rate” display.

- Players could now reset the matches history.

- Cards enhancing level increased to level 40.

- Bug reporting reward scheme. (Please refer to “Links” in Library)




New Cards:

Bear Warrior


Elven Fairy

Devil’s Daughter

The Hero

Kitty Girl


Dragon Slayer

Frost Trap

Angela’s Amulet



Major Improvements:

- Epic card is now sold into diamonds.

- Card selector is redesigned.

- In cards selection stage of Pro Mode battle, Trigger Cards are not revealed.

- Play Rewards is adjusted due to the new added quest rewards system.

- Cards in enhancing panel are now categorized by card rarity.

- Cards Loot battle can only be played in Pro Mode. And there will be a penalty if the battle is not completed cased by player action timeout.

- Improve the random mechanism calculation of abilities.

- Flower Fairy is replaced with Dryad.

- Lighting Claw’s artwork is redone and name changed to “Bear Warrior”.

- Goddess of War’s artwork is refurnished.





- Matched with more than 1 player when searching for match if network is unstable.

- Potential error occurs when battle finishes.

- Friends panel can’t be dragged.

- Player type in profile view display wrongly.

- Changing portrait will also change the region to US.


Major balance changes:

- Redo the abilities for: Apprentice Swordsman, Silver Knight, Storm Elemental, Frosthunter, Unicorn.

- Redesign player order. (Refer to Library “Battle – 5.Player Order”)

- Hot Ninja: Reduce the subsequent damages of Spirit Rush. The skill now activates if target hp rate is more than 50%.

- Moonlight Assassin: The extra deduction of hit points is now based on current instead of max.

- Succubus: HP deduction of Seduction is now based on max HP instead of current HP.

- Slaughter: Attack target changed from Chaos to Weak. Bloodthirsty now recovers based on maximum HP.

- Abyss: Now also decrease target’s current HP.

- Elves Seduction: Now has 1 second cooldown, and it’s possible to be affected by “Sabotage”.

- Divine Barrier: Cooldown is now 0.

- Cyclops: Ignition stacking effect is shared by all Cyclops.

- Vengeance: Effect is now also activated if the destroyed Unit reborn.

- Paralysis: Now only effect on Unit Card.