Epic Cards Battle v1.7 Update

v1.7 version is online


The 5th faction:

A complete new faction has joined the battle! Dynasty Rising, the legendary ancient kingdom from the east.



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- New Cards.

- 10 new quests.

- Added VIP privileges that allow select and purchase specific Legend or Epic cards.

- Card ability activation close-up animation.

- Ruby items in shop now offer more rubies with same costs.

- Sacrificing cards now also turns into more rubies.

- Cards selector provides a preview of card properties.

- Add new daily mission of Pro Mode victories in Bet Battles.

- Option to pick a deck formed of random cards by system.


Major Improvements:

- Added auto-start battle and auto-accelerate options.

- Maximum card level is now 50.

- Add auto-restore purchase option in Shop to allow player to restore interrupted transaction due to network issue.

- Opening battle will only play once.

- Amend the bet options in global matches.

- Stars will not be shown for hiding triggers in Pro Mode Selection stage.

- Improve the stability when searching in global matches.

- Shows the ending time of a ladder season.

- Player can only loot the owned Diamond or Legend cards in Loot Battles.


Major Bugs fixings:

- Blade shield is not activated in some cases.

- Hot Ninja still deals ability damages when it’s destroyed.

- Cyclops, Evil Lich, Goddess of War’s ability effects are activated even if it’s attack has been dodged.

- Possible negative attack damage.

- A potential bug in Ladder match making.

- Arcade Blast has a small chance to cause game crash.


Major balance changes:

- Units changed to Ability Optimised attack target: Silent Archer, Enchantress, Royal Girl Hunter, Blade Master, Dryad, Elf Sentry, Frosthunter, Unicorn, Jenifer, Queen of Spiders, Dragon Slayer.

- Abilities redo: Arcade Blast, Phoenix.

- Joker: “Illusion”Properties boost increased from 10% to 20%.

- Skeleton Archer: Chance of ability activation increased from 60% to 75%.

- Ice Elemental: “Frozen” now increase enemy’s maximum cooldown increased by 3s instead of 2s.

- Abyss: Only effect to non Hell Legion cards.

- Reaper: “Scythe of Death” now won’t destroy Spell and Trigger cards.

- Tauren Axe: “Warchief” ATK is increased exponentially.

- Master Druid: Ability will not affect itself anymore.

- Death Tower: Each enemy’s Trigger-card on battlefield increase the activation chance by 15% instead of 5%.

- Vengeance: Now only effect units.

- Paralysis: Now targets all type of cards instead of units only.

- Succubus Queen: Ability not effect to Hell Legion faction.