Epic Cards Battle v1.7 Update

v1.7 version is online


The 5th faction:

A complete new faction has joined the battle! Dynasty Rising, the legendary ancient kingdom from the east.



View the collection of card artworks.



- New Cards.

- 10 new quests.

- Added VIP privileges that allow select and purchase specific Legend or Epic cards.

- Card ability activation close-up animation.

- Ruby items in shop now offer more rubies with same costs.

- Sacrificing cards now also turns into more rubies.

- Cards selector provides a preview of card properties.

- Add new daily mission of Pro Mode victories in Bet Battles.

- Option to pick a deck formed of random cards by system.


Major Improvements:

- Added auto-start battle and auto-accelerate options.

- Maximum card level is now 50.

- Add auto-restore purchase option in Shop to allow player to restore interrupted transaction due to network issue.

- Opening battle will only play once.

- Amend the bet options in global matches.

- Stars will not be shown for hiding triggers in Pro Mode Selection stage.

- Improve the stability when searching in global matches.

- Shows the ending time of a ladder season.

- Player can only loot the owned Diamond or Legend cards in Loot Battles.


Major Bugs fixings:

- Blade shield is not activated in some cases.

- Hot Ninja still deals ability damages when it’s destroyed.

- Cyclops, Evil Lich, Goddess of War’s ability effects are activated even if it’s attack has been dodged.

- Possible negative attack damage.

- A potential bug in Ladder match making.

- Arcade Blast has a small chance to cause game crash.


Major balance changes:

- Units changed to Ability Optimised attack target: Silent Archer, Enchantress, Royal Girl Hunter, Blade Master, Dryad, Elf Sentry, Frosthunter, Unicorn, Jenifer, Queen of Spiders, Dragon Slayer.

- Abilities redo: Arcade Blast, Phoenix.

- Joker: “Illusion”Properties boost increased from 10% to 20%.

- Skeleton Archer: Chance of ability activation increased from 60% to 75%.

- Ice Elemental: “Frozen” now increase enemy’s maximum cooldown increased by 3s instead of 2s.

- Abyss: Only effect to non Hell Legion cards.

- Reaper: “Scythe of Death” now won’t destroy Spell and Trigger cards.

- Tauren Axe: “Warchief” ATK is increased exponentially.

- Master Druid: Ability will not affect itself anymore.

- Death Tower: Each enemy’s Trigger-card on battlefield increase the activation chance by 15% instead of 5%.

- Vengeance: Now only effect units.

- Paralysis: Now targets all type of cards instead of units only.

- Succubus Queen: Ability not effect to Hell Legion faction.

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English Forums Posting Contest [Win Diamonds]



How to participate:
1. Post relevant topic in any of “New Players”, “Game Discussion “, “Card Discussions”, “Campaign Quests “under English Forums.
2. To participate in contest, reply to this thread with your player id in game and link to the post before submission deadline.
3. The winners will be announced on date metioned below and get the prizes in game.

First prize: 1000 Diamonds
Second prize: 500 Diamonds
Third prize: 300 Diamonds

Contest guidelines:
The topic will be evaluated based on the relevancy, quality, length and comments by other players.

Submission Deadline:
Up to 11:59 p.m. Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), on Jan 15, 2014.

Winners Announcement Date:
Jan 20, 2014.

Forum Link

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Epic Cards Battle v1.5 Update

v1.5 version is online~ Call for your buddies and see what’s new!



Quests System:

Play against AI decks and get rewards. To win 3 stars of the quest, players need to complete with all the objectives in the quest.



A series of tutorials to guide players step by step how to play this game. Game basics, cards property, battle rules, everything you need to start a battle.



- Added 4 new battle scenes.

- Added 2 soundtracks.

- A new leaderboard “Campaign”.

- Added “Cards Collection Rate” display.

- Players could now reset the matches history.

- Cards enhancing level increased to level 40.

- Bug reporting reward scheme. (Please refer to “Links” in Library)




New Cards:

Bear Warrior


Elven Fairy

Devil’s Daughter

The Hero

Kitty Girl


Dragon Slayer

Frost Trap

Angela’s Amulet



Major Improvements:

- Epic card is now sold into diamonds.

- Card selector is redesigned.

- In cards selection stage of Pro Mode battle, Trigger Cards are not revealed.

- Play Rewards is adjusted due to the new added quest rewards system.

- Cards in enhancing panel are now categorized by card rarity.

- Cards Loot battle can only be played in Pro Mode. And there will be a penalty if the battle is not completed cased by player action timeout.

- Improve the random mechanism calculation of abilities.

- Flower Fairy is replaced with Dryad.

- Lighting Claw’s artwork is redone and name changed to “Bear Warrior”.

- Goddess of War’s artwork is refurnished.





- Matched with more than 1 player when searching for match if network is unstable.

- Potential error occurs when battle finishes.

- Friends panel can’t be dragged.

- Player type in profile view display wrongly.

- Changing portrait will also change the region to US.


Major balance changes:

- Redo the abilities for: Apprentice Swordsman, Silver Knight, Storm Elemental, Frosthunter, Unicorn.

- Redesign player order. (Refer to Library “Battle – 5.Player Order”)

- Hot Ninja: Reduce the subsequent damages of Spirit Rush. The skill now activates if target hp rate is more than 50%.

- Moonlight Assassin: The extra deduction of hit points is now based on current instead of max.

- Succubus: HP deduction of Seduction is now based on max HP instead of current HP.

- Slaughter: Attack target changed from Chaos to Weak. Bloodthirsty now recovers based on maximum HP.

- Abyss: Now also decrease target’s current HP.

- Elves Seduction: Now has 1 second cooldown, and it’s possible to be affected by “Sabotage”.

- Divine Barrier: Cooldown is now 0.

- Cyclops: Ignition stacking effect is shared by all Cyclops.

- Vengeance: Effect is now also activated if the destroyed Unit reborn.

- Paralysis: Now only effect on Unit Card.


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